Promoting Learning Through Questions

To be effective, trainers need a range of ways to engage learners. One way to encourage participant engagement is asking questions that allow participants to think more deeply about the topic at hand, to put concepts in their own words, and to consider how to apply them in their own work. This article provides guidance and discusses mistakes to avoid when using questions to drive learning. … More Promoting Learning Through Questions

Learn ~ Apply ~ Achieve

Evaluating the effectiveness of learning Several years ago, I was actively banging my head against the same wall that has given countless other learning professionals headaches—that wall manifested itself as the seemingly simple question: How do I evaluate the effectiveness of learning activities? This short article will not answer that question—at least not directly or … More Learn ~ Apply ~ Achieve

Lessons from Sports and Comedy for the Workplace

I enjoy watching professional sports and attending a good improvisational comedy show. Seeing people perform and entertain at a high level is inspiring and thrilling, and it’s a great way to spend a few hours on the weekend. On the other hand, watching a group of 6-year olds play soccer or inexperienced improv actors try … More Lessons from Sports and Comedy for the Workplace

Connecting Effective Learning to Workplace Results (Podcast)

Recently, I was asked to be a guest on BizLibrary’s Podcast. The episode is called “Understanding Learning Retention,” and we did discuss learning retention theory and approaches. But I also highlighted the importance of linking learning to change in the workplace to achieve results. It was a fun 30-minute discussion, and a good preview of … More Connecting Effective Learning to Workplace Results (Podcast)

The Role of Prior Knowledge in L&D

Aha! A recent ‘aha moment’ occurred while reading a 2003 article by Richard Mayer on reducing cognitive load in multi-media presentations[1]. I found the article to provide useful and evidence-based explanations for making PowerPoint and other visual aids more effective at supporting learning. But the real ‘aha’ came when I saw a version of the … More The Role of Prior Knowledge in L&D

Change as the centerpiece to learning

For those of us who work in training or learning or performance support, we often discuss ways to make things ‘better.’ We explore needs analysis, teaching and learning approaches, and evaluation. We get excited and even distracted by microlearning, xAPI, neuroscience, video, learning analytics, personalized learning, and a host of other shiny concepts that probably … More Change as the centerpiece to learning

Demystifying Data

To say that data is important for good decision making is not breaking news. In fact, Sherlock Holmes is ‘credited’ with saying: “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” These days, the influence of data is all around us. Articles on or referencing data appear in my newsfeed daily. Software is … More Demystifying Data